Luz Flores, Children’s Librarian II at the Marilyn J. Praisner Library in Burtonsville, MD, worked with Febe Huezo, Amelia Alapati and Andrea Erickson to create a different set of four PowerPoints for Spanish speakers, that uses more original songs and rhymes without relying on YouTube. They have graciously shared the PowerPoints with us, and they can be downloaded below:

Here is a Spanish Version of the Songbook for Hatchlings: In the Nest.

The Spanish version of Hatchlings is still a work in progress, so if you have any materials that you wish you share, please send them to Betsy at




The original Spanish version of Hatchlings was created by Kirsten Grunberg during COVID, had to be presented online, and relied on many YouTube videos. Now that most of the programs are in person, we recommended the newer version, which uses sing-along songs.  However, for virtual programming, you may want to use the original PowerPoint and accompanying materials.



Original Materials


In the Nest

Original Available PowerPoints

Thank you to Kirsten Grunberg for converting the original English language slides (illustrations as well as text) into these wonderful PowerPoint and substituting new materials and information when needed.

Original Handouts of the PowerPoints