To avoid coming in contact with or spreading COVID-19 germs while continuing to provide MGOL sessions to their weekly participants, facilitators found creative ways to present MGOL from home.

These virtual programs were presented at the beginning of the pandemic, when libraries were closed to the public as well as to the librarians.

Join some of these at-home versions of MGOL by clicking on the links below


 Alameda Free Library ǀ Ms. Eva

Fairfax Library ǀ Iris in Marin County

Lompoc Public Library ǀ Jess in Lompoc County

Cameron Park Library ǀ Ms. Marni in El Dorado


 Wilton Public Library ǀ Mrs. Keogh

West Hartford Library ǀ Miss Ellen

Hagaman Memorial Library ǀ Sascha Gardiner in East Haven


Palm Harbor Library ǀ Miss Marisa

Orange County Library ǀ Ms. Katy


Champaign Public Library ǀ Dana Antonelli

Casey Township Library ǀ Ms. Ashley


Lake County Public Library ǀ Miss Liz

Lake County Public Library ǀ Miss Carla

Lake County Public Library ǀ Miss Melissa

Lake County Public Library ǀ Miss Alissa


Terra Haute Public Library ǀ Dora Garraton

Otterbein Public Library ǀ Miss Addie

Jeffersonville Township Public Library ǀ Miss Elizabeth


Cedar Rapids Public Library ǀ Tara

Cedar Rapids Public Library ǀ Molly

Cedar Rapids Public Library ǀ Jolene


Trimble Library ǀ Miss Jackie


Queen Anne’s County Library ǀ Ms. Jenny at the Centerville Branch

Sprocket ǀ Jeff “Cork” Hardin in Baltimore


Flint Memorial Library ǀ Danielle Masterson

J.V. Fletcher Library ǀ Jacki and Nancy

Brookline Public Library ǀ Miss Julie

Pollard Memorial Library ǀ Miss Molly

Pollard Memorial Library ǀ Ms. Lori

West Falmouth Library ǀ Ms. Angie

Northborough Free Library ǀ Ms. Katrina

Harvard Public Library ǀ Abby Kingsbury


Ipswich Public Library ǀ Laurie Collins

Ipswich Public Library ǀ Mrs. G


Harrison Township Public Library ǀ Julie Dries

Sharei Zedek Gan ǀ Deborah Margolis

Royal Oak Library ǀ Tracy Karbel

Detroit Public Library ǀ Crystal Jolly


Bozeman Public Library ǀ Cindy Cristin

New Hampshire

Dover Public Library ǀ Miss Jojo

Sandown Public Library ǀ Ms. Adrian

Gilford Public Library ǀ Miss Maria

New Mexico

Carlsbad Public Library ǀ Mrs. Neiman

Thompson Library ǀ Miss Jane

New York

Rogers Memorial Library ǀ Miss Natalie


Degestein Community Library ǀ Ms. Melissa

Degestein Community Library ǀ Ms. Sarah

Grove Family Library ǀ Ms. Melanie

Bernville Area Community Library ǀ Miss. Debe

Wyomissing Public Library ǀ Ms. Kris

Ringtown Area Library ǀ Ms. Tanya

Bethel Park Public Library ǀ Ms. Sarah

Snyder County Library ǀ Miss Lubow

Moon Township Public Library ǀ Miss Megan

South Carolina

Greenville Library ǀ Miss Donna


Fluvanna County Public Library ǀ Miss Carie Anne

Fairfax County Public Library ǀ Ms. Jane and Ms. Liz


Canada, British Columbia

Vancouver Public Library ǀ Dr. Tess Prendergast

Canada, Ontario

Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library ǀ Miss Anne


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Sandtown Public Library in New Hampshire offers MGOL on Monday mornings on YouTube for 30 minutes. The days YouTube video is posted  to the library’s website ten (10) minutes prior to the start time. Here is an example with Miss Adrienne from May 4, 2020.