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From the Hunt Institute

“The research is abundantly clear –– access to high quality early childhood education is linked to successful outcomes in education and in life. ”  – The Hunt Institute 

“The years of early childhood matter – both for children themselves and for society at large.”  – The Hunt Institute 


Science tells us that young children’s brains develop more rapidly during the years prior to kindergarten entry than at any other time.

Additionally, research has revealed the importance of high-quality early education for children’s short- and long-term academic, social, and professional success.

Economists have also found early childhood investments demonstrated education’s greatest return on investment, further strengthening the argument for high-quality early childhood experiences.

As such, the years of early childhood serve as a critical opportunity not only to support the academic, physical, and social-emotional development of young children, but to demonstrate and reinforce America’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Young children benefit greatly from exposure to racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity during this crucial and formative period.”


Babies begin learning language in utero


“The Hunt Institute brings together people and resources to inspire and inform elected officials and policymakers about key issues in education, resulting in visionary leaders who are prepared to take strategic action for greater educational outcomes and student success.”  Their mission is “To provide unbiased research, technical expertise, and learning opportunities that equip and empower educators and policymakers to drive equitable reforms and become audacious champions for education.”

Dan Wuori, Ph.D. is the Senior Director of Early Learning at the Hunt Institute often posts interesting research related to Early Childhood.  Here is one of his latest tweets: 

“Learning begins long before kindergarten. How early? Evidence suggests that babies begin learning language in utero, with newborns already able to distinguish their mothers’ native languages at birth…”

This is great support for the MGOL: Hatchlings: Ready to Hatch program for expectant parents.  Trainings will be available shortly!!!!  To learn more about Hatchlings, click here!

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Get Your Smile On


One of my favorite children’s librarians is Gloria Bartas. Whenever I observed her in action, I was impressed with her creativity, her enthusiasm and joy, and her lovely singing voice.  I just discovered a YouTube video of Gloria singing “Get Your Smile On”. I’d never heard this before and I think it’s great, so I wanted to share it with you!