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Children and Climate Change


Did you know that children are uniquely vulnerable to health impacts caused by climate change?

Climate change affects all of us, and recent studies point to the adverse effects it has on children. There is a movement to untie early childhood professionals to learn about the seriousness of the situation and to advocate for children’s health.

Recently I attended a webinar, “Collaborating for Kids: Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and Advocacy” presented by the Campaign for Grade Level Reading (CGLR). Dr. Joshua Sparrow from the Boston Children’s Hospital Spoke with Dr. Rupa Basu from the EPA on the impact of extreme heat on babies.  He recommended viewing this video of Dr. Basu talking about climate change on premature birth and low birth weight.

Dr. Sparrow also spoke about The Early Years Climate Plan and he encouraged us to check it out at: https://www.earlyyearsclimateplan.us/   In addition to having great information, this is one of the most beautiful websites I have seen!

Interested in joining the Early Years Climate Task ForceFind out more about it here.