Nursery rhymes are perfect for babies and toddlers. They are short and simple to recite or sing. They include words that begin and end with the same sounds, helping children’s brains to recognize syllables and hear similarities in patterns. Familiarity with nursery rhymes can lead to phonological awareness. The repetition in nursery rhymes helps increase a child’s vocabulary.  Research shows that children who enter kindergarten knowing nursery rhymes will have an easier time learning how to read.

Mother Goose on the Loose® is based on nursery rhymes that are presented in a variety of different ways.  Below are links to different rhymes presented by many people in a wide range of styles. If they do not open simply by clicking on the link, try pressing the Control Key and clicking at the same time!

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A Leopard Has Lots of Spots (Animal Rhymes) Port Discovery Children’s Museum, Baltimore, Maryland

And We Hop (Freeze Game) from Port Discovery Children’s Museum

Animals on the Bus – explaining how to add animal actions and noises

La Araña Pequenita(Animal Rhymes) from the San Bernadino County Library, California



Baby Baby Dumpling,  (Knee bounce) British Columbia Public Libraries

Bananas (Whole Body) Riverton Branch Library

Bananas Unite (Whole Body) from the Timberland Regional Public Library in Washington State.

Bananas Unite (Whole Body) from the King County Library System

Behind a Tree, (clapping rhyme) British Columbia Public Libraries

Bells Away (Clean-Up Song) by Derek at the Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore.

Bicycle Song by Julie from the Kamehameha School System in Hawaii.

A Big Mac Truck from a Mother Goose on the Loose Workshop in Surrey, British Columbia

Bubble, Bubble, Pop (Colors Song) from the Champaign Library, Illinois

Bubble, Bubble, Say Good-Bye – a song for the end of your session by Lisa

Bubbles (Fingerplay)from the Hennepin County Library, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Buenas Dias / Good Morning (Fingerplay) Bibliotecas ParalaGente

Bumpy Road by Cork Hardin at the Village Learning Place




Can You Shake Your Egg With Me? (Egg shakers) Riverton Branch Library

Caterpillar, Caterpillar (ASL) shown by Kathy MacMillan

Cherries on a Plate (Flannel Board Book Illustration) from Port Discovery Children’s Museum, Baltimore

Choo, Choo (Hand Slapping) Musser Public Library, Iowa

Choo Choo (a short version)

Choo Choo Train from the King County Library System, Washington State

Clap Your Hands (Body Rhymes)from the Johnson County Library, Kansas




Dinosaur Rhyme (Standing Up) Early Childhood School Library



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Click here for more fingerplays from the Hennepin County Library

Click here for more fingerplays from the Johnson County Library

Click here for more songs and rhymes from the Scottsdale Public Library

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