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Planning and Presenting MGOL programs:

Books by Betsy Diamant-Cohen

Become a MGOL facilitator by using these resources. Access background theories, explanations, formulas, sample programs, song lyrics, and more for MGOL, MGOL for Spanish speakers, and preschool storytime in the books available from


Books to use in MGOL programs

Books for sharing with our youngest children should have large and engaging pictures, minimal text, and relatable subjects. If children will be handling the books, consider cardboard books or Indestructible Books. For some of Betsy’s favorites for using in MGOL programs, click here!


Hatchlings Instructional Guides, Panels, and Songbooks


In the Nest Products

Favorite Rhyme and Song Collections

Illustrations are often used during MGOL programs. In place of using felt pieces, you can use a post-it note to bookmark a page, and show the illustration while reciting the rhyme and doing the accompanying activity. Click here for Betsy’s favorite song and rhyme collections 


Recommended Books to Use in Preschool Storytime

In order to prevent older books that are fabulous for preschool storytime from being overlooked, in addition to calling your attention to some wonderful newer books, this link takes you to some of Betsy’s recommended preschool storytime books.


Books That Support MGOL’s Philosophy

MGOL is supported by research in many areas — brain research, child development, the science of play, music, the “whole child”, entering school ready to learn, etc.  Here are some of the books that explain the philosophy behind MGOL.


Professional Development Books for Children’s Librarians

Children’s librarians love to share what they have learned or created, so they have created are a number of great resources. Full disclosure: some of these books were written by my close friends, but I have chosen them because I have found them to be incredibly helpful to me throughout my career. These books can be just as helpful for childcare providers and preschool teachers (or parents!) as they are for librarians.  Browse through the titles and see if you find one or two that would be useful for you.


Books for Premature Babies and Newborns

Goslings focuses on fragile babies and Hatchlings focuses on expectant parents and parents with newborns. This selection of books keeps in mind that newborns cannot see all colors, and in fact often prefer black and white contrasting patterns. Since tummy time is recommended to strengthen the neck muscles of newborns, accordian-style books are great for encouraging babies to lift their heads as they lie on their tummies, in order to see the pictures that are displayed in front of them. Check out the selection here!


Multisensory Books for Young Children

Looking for books that encourage interaction of different types, even at the youngest ages?  This time-tested selection is great for children of all abilities.

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