Mother Goose on the Loose is easy to plan! The program:

  • Builds on repetition from week to week
  • Combines simple parent education tips effortlessly with activities for young children
  • Incorporates music, movement, language and art
  • Utilizes an easy-to-follow format that ensures a successful program

Mother Goose on the Loose benefits libraries, as libraries can:

  • Attract parents with babies to come to the library
  • Apply for early childhood funding based on the presence of this program in their library
  • Offer a recognized high-quality early literacy program for children from birth to age 3 with their parent or caregiver

Mother Goose on the Loose benefits teachers and day care providers, as these educators will:

  • Learn how to present fun activities that help children develop their literacy, social and emotional skills
  • Have a flexible program that can be adapted for children from birth to kindergarten (with or without parents present)
  • Have a template for a high-quality circle time that is easy to plan and implement on a regular basis