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About MGOL and the Workshops:

About the Training:

Cathy Lancaster, Youth Services Coordinator, Library of Michigan, Lansing, MI

“I have brought Betsy to Michigan to present workshops/keynotes six times since 2007. In addition, I have heard great feedback from front-line library staff who have brought her in for various other presentations in Michigan. Betsy is a natural leader in early literacy and engages with her audience easily.

In 2015, we had her to the Traverse Area District Library to do a workshop with volunteers from a local Rotary club, who had no experience or knowledge of early literacy practices. They left the workshop feeling confident and excited to engage with families and encourage reading in the community, thanks to Betsy’s work.

Over the years I have seen Betsy re-charge long-practicing library staff in early literacy, introduce new ideas to storytellers, and encourage families, especially teen parents, to practice early literacy at home. Betsy adapts her workshops for whoever the audience is, and attendees leave with the knowledge and skills to encourage & practice early literacy skills in their communities.”

Peggy Wong, Children’s Librarian, Piscataway Public Library, Westergard Branch Piscataway, NJ

“It is, honestly, the BEST one-day workshop I have ever attended!! Betsy gave us many creative and useful programming ideas, insight into the science and research underlying MGOL programs, fun ways to integrate movement, music, and rhythm into a rhymes programs, helpful tips for adapting MGOL to be more inclusive for children with disabilities, ideas for books and props and a template and sample program to get started! This was truly a gift, and I am very happy I was able to attend Betsy’s workshop!! “

Deanne Dekle, Youth Services & Outreach Consultant for the New Mexico State Library

“Mother Goose on the Loose has been incredibly beneficial in New Mexico. We have a large number of rural libraries with very few staff so MGOL is perfect for them! It allows them to offer quality early literacy programs to their families easily and with resources they already have on hand. More public libraries in New Mexico are now offering an early literacy program than before because of the Mother Goose on the Loose program.”

Christy Estrovitz, Early Literacy Specialist, San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, CA

“Betsy Diamant-Cohen’s Mother Goose on the Loose training was the most transformational workshop for our staff at the San Francisco Public Library.”

Sandy Befi, Library Staff
Lincoln, NE

“I was looking for information on fine tuning my “Lapsit” program and this jam-packed session was just the ticket. It was a well organized, fast paced presentation and provided solid information for program development.”

Margaret Wells, Librarian, Orlando Public Library
Orlando, FL

“Mother Goose on the Loose is perfection. It should be the benchmark/touchstone for baby and toddler programming…the practical advice you gave based on experience was priceless.”

Chris Teter, Head of Children’s Services, Newtown Public Library
Newtown, Square, PA

“The workshop you conducted today was by far the best and most informative. You were knowledgeable, articulate, enthusiastic, and entertaining! I’ve tried using shaker eggs, rhythm sticks, and music but what you did today was 1,000 times better and worked beautifully.”

Suzanne Walker, Professional Development Office Supervisor, Indiana State Library

“From August 1-5, 2014, Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen presented workshops pertaining to her “Mother Goose on the Loose” early literacy program to children’s librarians in Indiana. This is the second time Dr. Diamant-Cohen has traveled throughout the state presenting workshops. We were pleased to invited her back a second time because our librarians consistently reported that her trainings were one of the most effective they have ever attended. In addition, we invited her back because her training provides a foundation on how children should treat other children in storytime; something that is not present in other available trainings. With concrete methods for designing storytimes for the youngest members of the library family (ages 0-2), Betsy Diamant-Cohen’s Mother Goose on the Loose trainings are quality products that have brought our librarians up to the next level of mastery allowing them to understand the importance of routine in storytime (and indeed what that routine should consist of) the importance of repetition, the value of puppets, felt boards, and instruments in early childhood development along with the importance of encouraging the bond between child and care-giver.”

About the Program:

The video below contains interview from parents who attended four Mother Goose on the Sessions run by Dr. Betsy at Judy Center in Maryland in 2016.

S. London, parent, Baltimore, Maryland We went to my son’s house, and I did the Alligator hand play with my granddaughter. SHE LOVED IT! She is 16.5 months old, and she kept signing at me (she doesn’t speak yet except for “Dada,” but she uses hand motions to communicate), to indicate “again.” Then, she started opening and closing her hands the way you do at the beginning of “Alligator.” I was SO happy! She absolutely loved it! Now I will see if the Library has a book with those types of things, because I could not get over how much she paid attention to this, whereas she doesn’t have much patience for books…
Chris Thornhill, Youth Services Librarian, The Library of Hattiesburg, Petal, and Forrest County Hattiesburg, MS “I discovered your wonderful program last year when doing research for may master’s project for library science.  I wanted to know if the womb can be considered the child’s first classroom.  Yes, it can! Among the many articles I explored, information about Mother Goose on the Loose held my attention the most. Our library’s baby story time is now Mother Goose on the Loose based.  It appears to be quite a success too. I believe we may be one of the first libraries in our region to offer this program.  I just wanted to thank you and let you know Mother Goose continues to shape young minds, motor skills, and language development.”
Katie Ross, Children’s Librarian/Programmer and Trainer, Kanawha County Public Library
Kanawha, W. VA
If your library has adopted Every Child Ready to Read @ Your Library, Mother Goose on the Loose will enhance this program by focusing on the key elements that create a warm, caring and loving library environment for children and their parents/caregivers.”
Pamela Shelton, Danville Public Library
Danville, VA
“I have been using Mother Goose outline for over 4 years and it helps me keep the children focused because they know what’s coming next.”
Megan Emery, The Healing Library

Children’s Books – Conversation –
Community – Caring
twitter: @LibraryHealing
When I joined the ranks of libraries and librarians in the mid 2000’s I was in a bit of a professional crisis. I had received my undergrad in VT for Adventure Recreation, thinking I wanted to become a professional gear tester (and as a way to always have adventure in my life, not just as a hobby). However, during the program I realized what I really wanted was to infuse adventure into the lives of children in a multifaceted educational approach. After college, I bounced happily between a variety of jobs still chasing this thrill.

When I answered an ad in the local paper to become a librarian I finally found the path to make my vision a reality. And when the fabulous head of youth services for the state, Grace Greene, suggested I check out a workshop the Vermont Dept. of Libraries was going to host all about Mother Goose on the Loose I signed up. What Betsy had created was years ahead of what I wanted to do myself. She had found a lovely balance of stories, movement, education, and fun that fit perfectly into my personal practice of librarianship!

Since then, I’ve kept her lessons in mind as I enhanced and changed youth departments in three different states and built my own business, The Healing Library, as a next extension of her practices. We provide kits of healing for families who have experienced trauma that allow them to explore healing activities, conversations, and titles that meet the needs of their own lives while building their emotional toolkits.

Comments About Mother Goose on the Loose Goslings

Stan & Jessica, Parents

Video testimonials About Mother Goose on the Loose

Jason Driver, Early Literacy Specialist, Chicago Public Library
Kevin Delecki. Manager, Main Library Children’s Room at Dayton Metro Library
Carla Kozak. Children and Youth Services Collection Development Specialist, San Francisco Public Library
Darcel B. Jones, Pittsburg Community Library Manager
Mary Morgan Smith, Children’s/Young Adult Services at Northland Public Library, Pittsburgh, PA
Wendy Peppercorn, Children’s Programming Librarian, Williamsburg Libraries, MA 
Ginger Stapp, Early Literacy Specialist, Boone County Public Library, KY
Lisa Wood, Children’s Services Coordinator, Metropolitan Library System, Oklahoma City, OK
Robin Hoffman, a teacher at the Carroll County Judy Center after observing five MGOL sessions presented to families in her center.