Why Props?

MGOL programs always include some type of musical instrument whether it is bells, shakers, tambourines or other music makers. Colored scarves spark the imagination in many ways. Children love animal puppets and that’s why they are an integral part of MGOL. 

Over the years, a few products have stood out as being particularly beneficial to facilitators of Mother Goose on the Loose Programs. These are high quality items that are independently produced. I am currently working to find a simple way to put links to all of these products under one roof. Stay tuned!

Indestructibles are books with extravagant, bold illustrations that are water-proof, tear-resistant, and baby-durable. They really are incredible! There are wordless books and lovely nursery rhyme books. See for yourself!

(at one point, MGOL had an Amazon Store with links to useful props. The web address no longer works, but since I am still working on this website, I am leaving it here temporarily.. Shop Now!)

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