Mother Goose on the Loose Program Planning Sheet

                                                            Date of program:______________________

1. Welcoming remarks:

  • Introduce yourself and welcome everyone
  • State Expectations / “Children this age don’t sit perfectly still”
  • Set guidelines / “If they come within this invisible circle, please come and get  them…”
  • Explain how it works: “I’m going to say things twice…”


2. Rhymes and reads

Opening Rhymes:         

a. Old Mother Goose when she wanted to wander


c. ________________________________________________

Book to Read Aloud: _______________________________________

Puppet:  __________________________________________________

Song:  (Optional)___________________________________________


3. Body Rhymes:

Head:                               ______________________________________

Fingers:                           ______________________________________

Body or Hands:            ______________________________________

Knee bounces:          

a. ______________________________________

b. ______________________________________

c. ______________________________________

 4. Rum Pum Pum Drum Sequence (Children tap out names with syllables)

 5. Stand Up Activities:

a. ____________________________________


c. ______________________________________

6. Animal Sequence:

 a. I went to visit the farm one day (using book illustrations)

b. When the  __(cow)__ gets up in the morning (using puppets)

c. (Optional rhyme or activity)_______________

 7. Musical Instruments and Props:

Musical instrument:      

a. We _(ring)__ our _(bells)___ together

b. ______________________________________

c. ______________________________________

d.         (Bells)       away

Colored scarves:            

a. ______________________________________


c. ______________________________________

d. Scarves away

 8. Lullaby:                       _______________________________________

 9. Interactive Rhyme:    ______________________________________

 10. Closing Segment:

a. Can you kick with two feet?

b. We’re so happy that everyone is here          

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