Important note:

The links below lead to documents that were used during Pilot 1 and 2 in Maryland. Since we do not have an official Spanish language translator, the items still have old QR codes and logos, and have not been updated. Please update all of the contact information. If you are able to have more items translated fully into Spanish, please send them to Betsy Diamant-Cohen so she can share them with others!



Editable Flyer

    —Flyer in PDF – editable in Adobe Pro

    —–Prince George’s County Memorial Library System 2022 (Editable)

  —Example of an editable Flyer from Prince George’s County, MD



During the Session

Consent Form

    —Consent Form as a Word Doc for Editing 

Consent Form with QR Codes as a PDF to scan

   —Consent Form to be filled out on-site as a PDF






  —Sample PowerPoint as a PDF (from PGMLS)

  —Click here for a downloadable Google Slides Presentation

  —Facilitator notes and script for PowerPoint slides



Hatchlings Headlines (PowerPoint handout for parents)

Handout for session attendees


Evaluation / Survey

     —-Evaluation Survey as an editable document

     (for adding your logo & your community partner’s logo only)

      —Evaluation Survey QR Codes as a PDF

      Evaluation of Session to be filled out on-site in PDF


Here is a Sample of an editable Word Document with the QR codes, that shows how your logo and that of your community partner can be added. Feel free to download, click on “enable editing”, make your changes, save to your files, and print! Note that these are OLD QR codes and they will also need to be updated.


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To use Google Slides or Google Docs:

  1. Click on the link
  2. Go to FILE and click on MAKE A COPY
  3. Choose “Entire Presentation” or “Selected Files”
  4. Select a place on your Google Drive to save the copy.
  5. Feel free to edit and it will not change the original.