There are many different ways to obtain funding for Mother Goose on the Loose training workshops (click for workshop descriptions) and/or programs. For your convenience we have outlined some of them below.

Partnerships          Grants          Collaborations          Public Registration


If your institution is small and you are seeking a training for a limited amount of people, try partnering with other community organizations to minimize the cost and maximize the amount of people benefiting from a MGOL workshop. Public libraries in relatively close proximity, early literacy & literacy organizations, childcare facilities & preschools, HeadStart programs, parenting organizations, programs for teenage moms, social service agencies, and United Way are all groups that have partnered to help fund and share in MGOL trainings.


Many libraries obtain funding to host Mother Goose on the Loose trainings through grants. While the application process may seem complex, if you succeed in getting a grant, the results make it worth the effort. A grant application can include the fee for a training workshop (making it free for all attendees), workshop materials (felt & tacky glue), photocopying of hand-outs, and all of the supplies you need to start running a MGOL program (flannel board-easel, colored scarves, musical instruments, puppets, etc.). Examples of successful grant proposals are below.

Fact sheet from Massachusetts regarding their successful LSTA grant proposal for Mother Goose on the Loose

Grant proposal for a town-wide early literacy program based on Mother Goose on the Loose.

LSTA grant for Mother Goose on the Loose in Spanish

If this is your first time applying for a grant, feel free to send a copy of your application to We will be happy to review it and send suggestions back to you.



 Mother Goose on the Loose highly recommends collaborating with local and federal institutions. Successful MGOL statewide collaborations have included:

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Early Learning
  • Health Department
  • Office of the Governor
  • Department of Early Learning


Public Registration

If writing a grant is not an option, you may want offer workshop that covered via registration fees. The hosting institution (or person) will be responsible for booking the workshop and taking care of all logistics. By advertising the workshop and charging a registration fee, you can recover the booking fee and perhaps even make some income! By hosting the workshop, your institution will be strengthening its image as a “go-to” place for quality early childhood education.

If you would like to host a Mother Goose on the Loose workshop but need help coordinating logistics, please the Mother Goose on the Loose Workshop Outreach Coordinator at: