Virtual and On Site Programming for Parents with Infants: What, Why, and How? (1.5 hours)


Virtual and in-person library programs for parents and infants are most meaningful when  a broad range of factors are taken into consideration, including:

  • When, how, and why did library programs for babies begin?
  • What are the physical and emotional needs of new parents and babies in the context of these programs?
  • How can library programs (virtual and on-site) help parents as their child’s first teacher?
  • What types of materials work well in baby programs, and how can they be adapted for an at-home audience?
  • What are some age-appropriate, early literacy building activities that children’s librarians have used successfully online?
  • Where can helpful resources for online baby program planning be found?

Webinar attendees will be expected to participate in all of the activities; bring a stuffed animal or doll to use occasionally as your baby.




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