Virtual and On Site Programming for Parents with Infants: What, Why, and How? (1.5 hours)


Virtual and in-person library programs for parents and infants are most meaningful when  a broad range of factors are taken into consideration, including:

  • When, how, and why did library programs for babies begin?
  • What are the physical and emotional needs of new parents and babies in the context of these programs?
  • How can library programs (virtual and on-site) help parents as their child’s first teacher?
  • What types of materials work well in baby programs, and how can they be adapted for an at-home audience?
  • What are some age-appropriate, early literacy building activities that children’s librarians have used successfully online?
  • Where can helpful resources for online baby program planning be found?

Webinar attendees will be expected to participate in all of the activities; bring a stuffed animal or doll to use occasionally as your baby.




““Dr. Diamant-Cohen was a pleasure to work with, and is a true expert in her field. The Library Programming for Parents with Infants webinar focuses on an age group that many library staff are still uncomfortable programming for, and she offered practical tips as well as songs and rhymes that both experienced and new programmers found useful.  Despite being virtual, the webinar was still very effective in conveying these best practices.” 

           – Beth Yates, Children’s Consultant, Professional Development Office, Indiana State Library

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