“In the Nest” Training Overview

In the Nest is a series of four consecutive sessions for parents with babies from birth to
four months old. While reinforcing positive early literacy behaviors, it also supports new
parents through the major life transitions of birth, parenthood, sibling adjustment, and
acclimating to public spaces with newborns. At the end of each session, parents are
given materials that will help them continue talking, singing, sharing books, and playing
with their babies at home.

(a 4 part training)


Part 1: Introduction to Hatchlings: In the Nest   – This introductory meeting explains what Hatchlings: In the Nest is, and emphasizes the importance of planning ahead. It covers:

    • Marketing strategies
    • Finding community partners
    • Drumming up an audience
    • Making arrangements for siblings
    • Purchasing items needed
    • Providing access to the free online resources


Part 2: Training  – The training prepares facilitators to implement the Hatchlings: “In the Nest” (New Baby and Me) program for parents  with newborns by:

  1. Providing an overview of all materials related to Hatchlings: In the Nest 
  2. Explaining the script format
  3. Giving facilitators practice using the scripts to help them feel comfortable and confident 
  4. Identifying strategies to adapt scripts and panels in ways that personalize them but stay true to the content.
  5. Familiarizing facilitators with all of the In the Nest songs and rhymes
  6. Discussing considerations for presenting virtual as well as in-person sessions
  7. Exploring multiple ways to find community partners
  8. Brainstorming marketing techniques
  9. Examining a sample timeline designed to aid with marketing, purchasing, and promoting the program
  10. Introducing strategies for individual libraries’ and community partners to promote their own programs and services to In the Nest program participants and identifying methods to share their materials.
  11. Answering questions


Part 3: Office hours (optional)

During online “office hours” when libraries and their community partners can confer with Dr. Betsy. They will then be given a break-out room where they can being planning their collaborative program, with Betsy on hand to answer any questions or to give suggestions.

In addition, Betsy will be available during the entire period of the training to answer questions and provide advice.


Part 4: Debrief

A final online meeting for sharing observations and discussing ways to continue offering Hatchlings programming in the future wraps up the first official training period.  Certificate of completion available upon request with successful completion of post-test.

Walking duck feet


Training fees

Printed Materials

  • Attendees are expected to use the In the Nest (New Baby and Me) Instruction Guide below; use of the panels is optional. Printed materials are available for free download from the MGOL Website (address to be given during the introductory webinar) or can be ordered from Booklogix for the prices listed below, plus shipping and handling in the US.  

In the Nest Materials:


Instruction Guide: $30

In the Nest Instruction Guide

Panels: $79.99

In The Nest panels



The Song Booklet: $14.99In the Nest Songbook



The Bundle (one of each)  $129.99
In the Nest Bundle, with the Instruction Guide, Panels, and Songbook



In-house costs:
  • The estimated cost for In The Nest materials is $22 – $28 per participating family (excludes shipping & handling and depending on current prices and discounts.)  10-15 families per session are recommended for In the Nest. 
  • The in-house fee will depend of which supplies you choose to offer. If no funding is available, the Hatchlings program can be successfully conducted using the program content and activities, with suggestions to families for homemade creation of program materials used, (e.g., homemade shaker and puppet)
  • We recommend that parents receive a “gift” after the session (such as a board book), which they can use to practice the skills they have learned at home. If funding is an issue, “gifts” for families can be replaced with different board books already in the library.
  • For a complete breakdown of the 2023 Hatchlings program materials information, click here


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