Your Baby Needs Music Class

The LISTEN, LIKE, LEARN approach of teaching music to young children, was developed by Barbara Cass-Beggs, incorporating her philosophy of teaching music to babies and young children. First they must LISTEN, as music is a listening subject. Then they must LIKE listening, otherwise they will not learn, and from listening and liking they will LEARN.

Music stimulates movement, which is essential for baby’s physical and mental development, while singing to the baby triggers speech and encourages auditory discrimination. Classes using the LISTEN, LIKE, LEARN approach involve listening, moving, singing and participating in ways that encourage experimentation with sound, using a variety of percussive and melodic instruments.   Although music is the medium, the underlying aim of these classes is to assist the development of the WHOLE child so that s/he can gain a sense of self-confidence and security. Given by trained teachers, classes using the LISTEN, LIKE, LEARN approach help parents get to know the songs, rhymes and musical exercises of babyhood.

Mother Goose on the Loose incorporates the LISTEN, LIKE, LEARN approach, combining it with best practices in library programming for very young children.

Rahel, the musician on all of the Mother Goose on the Loose CDs, is a certified instructor for two classes designed by Barbara Cass-Beggs built on her LISTEN, LIKE, LEARN approach. Your Baby Needs Music classes are for children from birth to age 2 and Your Child Needs Music classes are for children from ages 2-5. When living in the US, Rahel offered teacher certification courses for those wishing to work with parents and babies from birth to age 2. The Your Baby Needs Music course is covered in a 24-hour term and includes homework and observation of other baby classes.

Rahel moved to Seoul in May 2019 after signing on with DXD Entertainment to revive her career as an actor, model and musician. She appears in movies, dramas, commercials, music videos and more.