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Sounding Out Names – a fun, skill-building activity


While browsing the National Head Start Association’s website and checking out their resource library, I found this great activity! Just as MGOL’s “Rum Pum Pum” activity builds upon each child’s familiarity with their own name, Hayes Greenfield introduces Creative Sound Play (CPS). Building upon names, this joyful game sparks the imagination while enhancing self-control, exercising working memory, sparking creativity and flexibility, practicing phonemic and phonological awareness by learning and sounding out their names, using active listening skills by participating in a call-and-response activity, raising confidence and self-esteem by becoming both a good caller and a good responder. The four minute and 22 second video by Hayes Greenfield entitled “Sounding Out Names with Creative Sound Play” is all you need to learn the “how” and “why” that will enable you to easily add this activity into your programs!


3 Ways to Bring Creative Sound Play to the Classroom