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MGOL is at the Piedmont Library


Rhonda Turley at the Piedmont Library in Oklahoma wrote:

I held my first weekly Mother Goose on the Loose program last week.  I had 6 kids and their grownups, and received unsolicited hugs from 5 out of 6 kids.  Not a bad rate of return!  It was lots of fun, and I think it will grow quickly via word of mouth.

When I asked Rhonda if I could post her comments, she added more:

I would be delighted it you posted my comments on your blog!  I’m having a wonderful time doing the MGOL program…it’s incredibly easy from a program planning perspective, and the children are responding well.  I love to see the delight on their faces when we’re doing knee bounces and tickles!

I love hearing from MGOL presenters.  Please keep your emails coming!