Sensory Storytime Playgroup at the Chicago Public Library

Written / Contributed By: Jason Driver

Setting:  The program took place in open space in the children’s library, so kids were everywhere when we started.

Opening Activities

  • Drum Activity – We’re Marching to the Drum
  • Good Morning, Mrs. Perky Bird
  • Two Little Dicky Birds  (when the rhyme ends, I ask the children to put the loud dickey bird in their pockets and take the soft one and put it to their lips and say “shh shh.” This helps them quiet down for the next rhyme.)
  • We Hit the Floor Together

Body Rhymes

  • Old Mother Goose
  • Eye Winker
  • This Little Train
  • Fingers Like to Wiggle Waggle
  • Knee bounces:  See Saw, Scaradown
  • Knee bounces: Grand Old Duke of York
  • Knee bounces: Mother and Father and Uncle John

Read aloud: Open choice book usually chosen from one of the programs

Animal Activities

  • Hickory Dickory Dare
  • Song: Open choice song from one of the programs (usually helps children calm down after the animal activity)

Closing Ritual

  • We hit the floor together…. we all wave goodbye.