MGOL at Early Head Start

Written / Contributed By: Lisa Tyson


Rhymes & Reads:

Old Mother Goose*

Jack & Jill & 2-3 other rhymes

Itsy-Bitsy Spider

Two Little Dickey Birds

Book: Count with Maisy 

Drum Sequence:

Rum Pum Pum-names & syllables

We’re Marching to the Drum

The drum says “STOP!”

Farm Songs:

Book: I Spy on the Farm sung to I Went to Visit the Farm One Day

Barn* & Animals: song, When the duck wakes up in the morning…

Bells & Scarves*

Humpty Dumpty

Body Rhymes & Wave Good-bye

* * * *


*Regarding Welcome: I omit the welcome to Early Head Start teachers because I see the same staff every week. We begin with Wave, wave, wave your hands……wave in the middle, wave hello (I added the wave hello, because it ends the song well. At the end we repeat the wave song and end with time to go.)


*Regarding Old Mother Goose: I changed the wording because the traditional rhyme didn’t feel right to me. I feel a bit bold in changing the wording of something hundreds of years old, but this works better for me:

Old Mother Goose when she wanted to wander

Flapped her wings into the wild, blue yonder. (repeat)


It works well sung.


I also modified the One little, two little, three little… to fit the words.


*Regarding the barn: I have a plush barn that I absolutely love. The animals are all stuffed inside and they come out and dance on the roof while we sing and make animal sounds.


*Regarding bells & scarves: I used to follow this with a lullaby, but our scarf songs are followed by peek-a-boo and wearing the scarves as hats and noting the colors and whose matches whose. It is fairly quiet and I felt like it provided the slow down needed after busy, noisy bells, so I no longer do the lullaby at this point. I often work a lullaby into the beginning rhymes and reads.


I have a homemade, portable flannel board that I wear around my neck. I’m tempted to make them and sell them!